Beginner and Continuing Classes

"It's clear that Kurt's understanding of meditative practice grows out of direct experience. He teaches with great humor, patience, and an appreciation of a variety approaches to mindfulness. I feel lucky for the opportunity to learn from him." - Jim P., East Lansing, MI

"The beginning meditation class offered by Kurt provided an ideal learning experience. He was patient and took time to talk with each student and offer tips tailored to their questions and needs. A wide variety of different types of meditations were discussed, giving me a lot of options to explore. Kurt is patient, insightful, and sensitive to different students' styles of learning. The online resources and downloadable guided meditations that I was able to use at home were also helpful, and I am sure they will continue to be." - Laura B, East Lansing

Private Sessions

"My son was an out of state student at Michigan State and was having great difficulty adjusting -- academically, emotionally and otherwise. After reaching out to several potential helpers, I contacted Kurt. He was the perfect person to assist my son. Over a period of many months, Kurt gained my son's trust (no easy task). They spent many hours together. Although I have never met Kurt, I know that my son's life was greatly enhanced by the coaching, counseling and by the meditation that became an important part of his turnaround. My son decided to change schools and change his major. I believe that Kurt's work with my son was a vital part of his turnaround. I am forever thankful for Kurt's work with my son." - Joel E., Hawaii

"I was fortunate to receive individualized meditation instruction from Kurt through personal appointments. Unlike many meditation teachers, he is not wedded to a single approach to mindfulness practice. Rather Kurt asks thought provoking questions and carefully tailors the meditation techniques which will provide the most benefit to the student. My mindfulness practice grew more in the 1½ months we worked together than in my prior 2 years of daily meditation. Kurt’s training had a major positive impact on me which I will carry with me for the rest of my life." - Jeff F., East Lansing, MI

Corporate Classes

"Has very friendly, relaxed personality--makes it easy to listen and learn from. Everyone should use meditation to relax and release bad emotions." - Laura G., Lansing, MI

"Now that I meditate, I don't feel as stressed or worried about everything all the time." - Anthony M., Lansing MI

"Kurt was very influential and in depth regarding techniques. The class is very worthwhile. I recommend it." - Melanie M., Lansing, MI

"Everyone with stress in their life should take the class. It definitely helps towards a calmer state." - Denise, Lansing, MI

"Would really like to take whole class again from the start. Feel it would be very beneficial. Very good instruction." - Anonymous, Lansing, MI

"Invaluable for creating a more 'in control' peaceful existence. So glad to have participated." - Diane N., Lansing MI

"I loved this class, it was easy to understand and it's something that can be utilized every day." - Kim, Lansing MI

"Best thing I have ever done was to enroll in this class. My emotions seem to really be calming down…knowing how to handle the chaos." - Renee B. Lansing, MI

"I never realized that this could or would help me but I wanted to try. I was very pleased, Kurt. You are a great instructor. My job is very stressful and the calm that meditation has given me is wonderful." - Debbie L., Lansing, MI

"Kurt is a kind and caring instructor. He is focused and well trained. He is careful with his instruction. I would recommend his class highly and look forward to more classes from Kurt." - Mitzi C., Lansing, MI

"You gave us a tool that we can use in life to prolong our life and help us make better choices with a clear mind." - Marie R., Lansing MI

"I have felt more control of my feelings, how to overcome my stress level. This class is very uplifting and I feel so in control. Thanks Kurt." - Virginia A., Lansing MI

"At first I didn't want to participate. The instructor is very open and laid back, which made the exercises easier to achieve." - Che S., Lansing, MI

"You were very inspirational and really gave some good skills for us to deal with stress. Please do another class." - Sharla M., Lansing, MI

"I really enjoyed the class. Kurt is great! Hope to come to more classes soon!" - Paula B., Lansing, MI

"You did a great job! Please come back." - Anonymous, Lansing, MI

"I thought the class was excellent and Kurt, the instructor, was excellent, so nice patient, kind, thoughtful and so calming." He works really well with all types of people and was very informative and helpful. Really enjoyed it!" - Krissy U, Lansing MI

"Helped with ability to relax while at work when overstressed." - Kendra G., Lansing, MI

"Our time was well spent. Kurt was exceptional! I hope to keep working on the techniques." - Mark F., Lansing, MI

"Kurt's classes helped me so much with my stress levels. His meditation lessons have worked great!! Recommend him to anyone." - Amy B., Lansing MI

"This is so important today with the stressful world we live in. We all need it because stress takes such a toll on our health." - Regina G., Lansing, MI

"I have enjoyed this class in the four weeks I have noticed a change in how I handle my calls and how I am speaking with people." - A.G., Lansing, MI

"I am so glad I took Kurt's class on meditation and stress reduction! The techniques I learned from him have helped me relax and clear my brain. I love that I am able to build on what I learned since the class ended. I recommend Kurt's class to anyone struggling to find balance in life." - Maggie V., Lansing, MI

Kids classes

"Wonderful Class, excellent teacher—our family will participate again!" - Dan L., East Lansing

"Not only did Kurt plant seeds of kindness and calmness with my child, but he also provided techniques that I, as a parent, use every single day! A very whole person, whole family class." - Kate K., East Lansing

"Awesome. Everyone, every family needs this!" - N.D., East Lansing

"Made me realize that meditation is not difficult and anyone can do it, almost anywhere, anytime." - M.P., East Lansing

"Kurt’s Kids Meditation Class helped my young sons learn some calming techniques to use while stressed or trying to fall asleep." - Suzi T., East Lansing


"Kurt coached me in finding the next step in my career. He isolated the obstacles I had and helped me find tangible solutions to break through them in quick order. Kurt's patient style and thought provoking questions and exercises made a true difference in my path forward. As a life coach, I highly recommend Kurt." - Ray A., Ann Arbor, MI, Hi-tech marketing professional

"Working with Kurt guided me to make discoveries about my life and my decision-making. I am now employed in a position that is in sync with what I value, and I am working towards building stronger relationships in my community. I felt very comfortable talking with Kurt, as he is a great listener, a compassionate giver of ideas and suggestions, and has a genuine interest in helping others. I found the whole process fascinating, fun, and memorable...as I came to realize how much I like 'me'." - Christine P. , Newport, Kentucky, non-profit research professional

"Kurt helped me with the hardest past of my job search: getting started. The questions he asked and the exercises he assigned helped me to focus on what is important to me, what I really want, the things that hold me back, and what I can do to work toward something better. His thoughtful and challenging approach could help a person make changes in any area of his or her life." - Paula S., Asheville, NC, social worker

"Kurt did a terrific job of clarifying the issues that I needed to address about creating a healthy balance in lifestyle and driving the solutions and gameplan to meet this goal. Kurt is extremely professional and effective in creating an atmosphere and dialogue where I could understand and overcome my roadblocks and make the necessary commitment to achieving my goal. I wholeheartedly recommend Kurt." - Mark M., Seattle, WA, banking professional

"You have been a great example of a caregiver who has learned to balance and have a positive attitude. Your workshop on relieving stress for caregivers was excellent. You...have been very helpful to individuals who have asked for your advice. You and R. as keynote speakers for Family Day gave all of us hope and encouragement." - Pat D., President, local affiliate of NAMI, a mental health caregiving association, Ann Arbor, MI

"I have known Mr. Kurt Scholler for many years. Over these times he has helped me a lot between building a successful high tech material company and balancing my own personal life. Businesses sometimes go through tough times. Right after September 11th, 2001 our company experienced a significant revenue drop, which had a big impact on our bottom line. During that time I was under a lot of pressure to make drastic changes both in business and my personal life. Kurt helped me identify my personal and business goals, critical tasks which needed immediate attention. In the entire process he showed great interest in helping and coaching me to achieve my personal goals. Over the years Kurt has demonstrated to me that he is a very kind, considerate, and most importantly -- a trustworthy individual. He always tries to understand others. When analyzing a situation, he will always put himself in other person’s position in order find a solution that is best suited to that particular individual. Working with Kurt is a great life time experience." - W.W., President, a mid-sized, global engineered materials corporation , Ann Arbor, MI

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