Private Groups

If you are looking for a private meditation and mindfulness class for your organization or group, we can discuss setting up a program that works for you.  

We can focus on simple, non-denominational, proven techniques with live instruction and coaching offered before, during or after work hours, and these days it's all online (via Zoom).  

I've worked with many different groups--from families to small organizations to large corporations and university based research studies, and here are examples of the types of classes I've taught:

  • 1-2 hour introduction to meditation/mindfulness
  • 1 hour talk with guided meditations
  • Beginner meditation/mindfulness class--4-6 weekly sessions
  • Beginner class plus ongoing sessions to help you really establish these practices
  • 1-2 day workshop

We can customize the class structure to your group's needs, and set up follow-up sessions on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis if you'd like.  I can provide private registration links for your participants with Zoom instructions and automatic reminders sent by email.

Typically during classes, participants receive:

  • an introduction to meditation/mindfulness in everyday language
  • encouragement to explore and discover what feels natural
  • instructions for various techniques
  • live, guided meditations for each technique
  • ideas for how to bring meditation/mindfulness into real life circumstances
  • tips for dealing with challenges that show up
  • relevant research findings
  • time for Q&A

In order to make home practice easier, participants have access to guided meditations I have recorded which are similar to those practiced in classes. Once participants have learned the basic instructions, they can choose to meditate without the guidance.

Research shows that after 4 weeks of meditation 20 minutes per day, adults show a statistically significant reduction in stress. People find great satisfaction in knowing that with some practice, they can control their own level of stress in a work or home setting. I know that from personal experience.

For more information, or to discuss how we can work together, just contact me here.

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