Some years ago, parents started asking me to teach their children meditation. I thought, wait a minute, kids are born with an open, non-judgmental mind...and also lots of body awareness. They're not lost in their heads like adults, concerned about the past or the future--they're living in the moment all day long. Why do they need meditation?

Then our 3 year old turned 4, and then 5. And wouldn't you know it--more and more, I saw how meditation might actually benefit him. Then he started asking me to meditate with him before bedtime. (Yes, he asked me!) So we started a very simple exercise: paying attention to the rising and falling of the belly as the body is breathing naturally. 

It became clear...maybe teaching children meditation would be a good thing.

Classes for younger children include parents and are typically short--30 minutes or so. We learn meditation and mindfulness together in a non-denominational way -- focusing on our common experiences as human beings.

We often start with what is already working for the child and go from there--learning calming techniques, using body/sensory awareness and gradually increasing awareness of thoughts and emotions. There are games to keep things fun and interesting. Exercises are short and can be practiced together at home or anytime a child (or parent!) wants to calm down and become more attuned to what is happening.

If you'd like to see some testimonials from the past classes, just go to the testimonials page and scroll down to "kids classes".

To discuss private sessions for your child or kids group classes, please contact me at or call me (734) 973-2040.

P.S.  Over the years, after I came home from teaching classes, my son would ask me what techniques I taught and we would practice them together until one day when he said "dad, I already know all those techniques, don't you have anything else for me?"  

Now he is 14 and he still practices meditation and simple mindfulness techniques.  I learned that modeling behavior through my own practice and not pushing it on him were keys in helping him discover the benefits of these amazing practices.

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