Newsletter March 7, 2021

Follow Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart

When you listen to your heart, your life starts opening up. Meditation and mindfulness can catalyze, nurture and support that opening.  Here are a few stories that illustrate what I mean:

My first story is about H.  She participated in a class right after the pandemic started and was very honest about her struggles.  But she kept at it and in a little less than a year, by taking many small steps, she now enjoys a regular meditation practice and  mindfulness throughout the day. For the first time, she is in touch with a much deeper, calmer part of herself, she is less reactive and feels more confident in handling strong emotions. When you listen to your heart, practical solutions start coming your way.  

The second story is about E.  He had been meditating a few years and felt like he needed some formal training. So he attended a beginner class and discovered a technique that felt like a custom fit for him. Despite all the challenges at work and obligations at home, he sets aside regular time to meditate during the weekdays, sometimes finding an hour or more on the weekends, and recently shared that he had never been so happy.  When you listen to your heart, joy starts showing up.

My third story is about A.  She has been meditating a few years, but during this long pandemic, she started feeling stuck in her practice. Rather than giving up, she listened to her heart, and explored possibilities.  She found that meditating first thing in the morning was much better for her and dropped her heavy reliance on guided meditations, both of which deepened her practice. When you listen to your heart, you creatively find your way to peace.

The next story is about R. He had been meditating a number of years and recently retired, freeing up his time to do all the things he had daydreamed about. So recently, he set aside longer daily periods to go deeply into his practice and within a week, saw firsthand how more significant practice can lead to significant results.  When you listen to your heart, you’ll turn time into treasure.  

And now a short story about T., a child who was feeling a lot of anxiety during this pandemic.  We met regularly on zoom for a few months.  Children seem to be closer to their natural, peaceful state and so after just a few months, she learned how to deal with her strong negative emotions.  When you follow your heart, doubt fades and confidence starts building.

And the final mini story is about myself.  Before starting meditation 25 years ago, I wondered, how can I answer my most basic questions about my own existence?  My heart was yearning for something deeper than superficial solutions to my everyday problems.  And bit by bit, through many challenges, I kept following my heart and here's what I discovered:  When you follow your heart, you find unshakeable peace.

Listen to your heart.  Be open to its gentle beckoning.  What is your heart telling you?

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